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All of our web pages have search engine optimization (S.E.O.) designed into them because a pretty site that no one visits is just a waste of money.

The best way to describe what we do is to show some of our work.

  1. This example is for of a startup business who needed a customized presence on the web. The purpose of this web site is to be a marketing tool to attract "Fire Equipment" distributors to buy wholesale product. The Fire Guy is seeking distributors in both the USA and Canada. Therefore the emphasis was on search engine optimization.

    Potential customers must be able to find the website, search engine optimization must be designed into the site. A pretty site that no one visits is just a waste of money.

  2. This example is for an individual or small business who just wants a customized presence on the web. This example is for a Manufacturer's Rep and has three pages: Home, About, and Contact. In addition there is a drop down menu that links to the Rep's Manufacturer's web sites.

    This site was done for Thompson-Greenfeld Assocs and this is what they had to say "I would highly recommend Lake Wylie Web Design for anyone looking to develop a web site. They did an outstanding job from start to finish. They took a lot of time with us to learn our business and developed an outstanding site that perfectly fit our needs. "
    Marshall Greenfeld

  3. In addition to developing beautiful web sites we can also create an e-mail marketing campaign to get your web site in front of your target audience. This web site was created to do just that. Time To Move On already had a web site but hired us to make them more visible to their target audience. What we do:
    • Load your e-mail addresses to a Cloud data base.
    • Send upto 750 e-mails per hour or 18,000 e-mails per day to your email list.
    • These emails look like web pages with embeded pictures and hyperlinks. They are not attachments that must be opened..

  4. To market a student athlete Lake Wylie Web Design has created a web site that can be used to draw attention the young athlete's abilities. The site incorporates several pages that give athletic directors, coaches, and position coordinators the information they need in selecting the players.
    This site is attention grabbing and will highlight the athlete's strong points. It includes the following:
    • A opening page showing the athlete's picture and present school.
    • A biography page.
    • The athlete's complete statistics.
    • A page of picture thumbnails which are enlarged when clicked.
    • A page that links to news articles about the athlete.
    • A video landing page that starts in-line video clips of the athlete's plays.

  5. This site is applicable to most businesses. This one is to advertise a property but it is just as applicable to contractors, accountants, or any business. Some of its features are:
    • A banner across the top of each page.
    • A slide show on the home page.
    • A map pointing to the location of the property. If you are a builder, this map could point to each of the properties you would like to advertise.
    • On the Accommodation's page, in this example, there are a second set of navigation buttons that change the content of the page but don't change the page.
    • A video landing page - allows the user to view any videos about your business.

  6. This site was done for a new Pest Control Company in lake Wylie SC. Some of its features are:
    • A banner with a logo across the top of each page.
    • A picture page that list the common pest of Lake Wylie. When the viewer clicks the picture a new page opens with a detail narrative of the pest.
    • A contact page that forces the user to input the correct information prior to submitting.
    • A page where customers may leave comments.

  7. This example is for an artist and has four pages: Home, About, Contact and a page showing examples of her work. Some of its features are:
    • A customizes site including layout and color scheme.
    • A banner across the top of each page.
    • Five picture slide show on the home page.
    • A page of pictures incorporated into a slide show.

  8. This site was done for the River Hills Lions Club, of which I am a member.
    • All of the money raised by the Lions are given to local, state, and national charities. This web site puts the index to the Yellow Pages on-line. Advertisers in the River Hills Lions Directory are now able to have their listing hyper-linked to their business web site, for a small fee of $25. This fee goes directly to the Lions charities budget. We did this site pro bono.
    • If you are an advertiser in the River Hills Lions Yellow Page Directory and have Lake Wylie Web Design create a web site for your company I will donate $50 to the River Hills Lions Charities and create a hyper-link to your new web site.

  9. This example is a complete on-line retail store. We would give you a firm quote after meeting with you and finding out your specific requirements. The features of this site can include the following:
    • A relational data base that includes: customers, products, orders, shopping carts, and other related files for operating a retail on-line store.
    • The ability for customers to browse your store based on your criteria i.e., product, description, price, or anything else.
    • The ability for customers to create and maintain their own accounts, i.e.; name, address, email address, password, shipping address, credit card, etc.
    • The ability for your employees to add products, change inventories, manage credit card purchases, and other functions that apply to maintaining the integrity of the data base.
    • Changing the look and feel of the site. When the customer is "Window Shopping" there is one set of navigational buttons that change when the customer logs into the site. Once logged in the customer is given extra navigational buttons allowing them to place orders and pay on line.
    • This type of site will have anywhere from 30 to 50 web pages, allowing your employees and customers a rich shopping experience.

  10. This example is the game called "Hangman". The purpose of this example is to demonstrate the power of using Java Script in web site programming. Most web site developers only use HTML and CSS to develop their web sites. We also use Java Script, PHP, and MySql to develop web sites. This allows us to create a wider range of web sites. Play the games to see some of the things Java Script can do.
    • You pick the category of game then Java script randomize the order of games in that category
    • You pick the number of guesses allowed then JS keep track of your wrong guesses.
    • JS displays the alphabet and then removes letters when it is clicked or typed.
    • JS changes the hangman picture as the player enters a wrong guess. Try the game it is fun!